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Oh Garry’s Mod, you absolutely beautiful mess. A game which consists of a seemingly infinite amount of games within it, Garry’s Mod (G Mod) has been a significant success over the years and pulls many players to this day. If there was a phrase to perfectly sum up this game and its contents it would be; Pandora’s Box.

An occasional look at the game modes available and you’ll notice that some come and stay, while others vanish into the nether. It is usually with these doomed modes where you’ll find the most warped and utterly obnoxious of players.

The whole premise of Garry’s Mod is that, using the source engine, anyone can make a mode in which others can play. This leads to the inevitable duality of the internet. On the one hand Garry’s Mod has carefree, party-like games. These are the modes where you are encouraged to talk and have a laugh among a collective of players. On the flip side, you also find the occasional… let’s say questionable server. These are usually role playing (RP) servers, which don’t tend to stay active for long.

Gmod Garry's Mod Prop Hunt

Dark Side of Garry

So, let’s get the nasty stuff out the way first. Throughout the history of Garry’s Mod, some of the less PC modes have included; Mexican Border RP, School Shooter RP and Auschwitz RP.

I’m not going to demonise these game modes or the players. From the time I spent in some of these, there are players who really get into the RP and make it as paradoxically silly as possible. Others just join to scream constantly and be as offensive as possible. And that’s fine; you’re not likely to join one of those modes without the feeling that it’s going to be a bit of a shit time inside.

Imagine, if you will, a world which is created by Hunter S. Thompson where his writing is influenced by those who dwell in the 4chan board known as Pol (Politically Incorrect). That is the sort of time you can expect to have. Nothing is normal, and chaos makes sense in the setting.

Party Games

Now the toxic side to the game is over with, how fares the hardier side?

Naturally the more permanent game modes are those which are more upbeat and best played in a party of friends. Among the most popular game modes include vanilla RP, Trouble in Terrorist Town, Death Run and Prop Hunt. Naturally, each has a different set of rules and may be covered at a later date.

The popularity, as far as I can say, for these listed games (besides RP) is how easy it is to load in, familiarize oneself with the rules and get on with it. Each mode allows a possibly limitless amount of ways to interact with one another and have a laugh in the process.

It should be noted that the majority of the time playing Garry’s Mod, as a whole, I played with a group which I befriended whilst playing solo. Eliminating the variable of random players does add greatly to the fun that can be attained.

If you are brave enough to venture into this world as a solo player, you’ll have a 50/50 chance of being welcomed by a friendly community or being harassed beyond your wildest dreams. When the server works well, it really works. You’ll have a hell of a time participating and may even make some friends along the way.

Gmod Garry's Mod Death Run

A Mod for All

Creativity and Imagination are fully explored within the game modes and communities, something many other games are missing. It won’t take long before you’ll become privy to the definition of randomness, where anything and everything will eventually happen.

There are very few games these days these days where you have the legitimate chance to make friends. Most players go years with the same group of friends and never interact with other communities. In Garry’s Mod it’ll always be in the best interest to at least try and communicate with others. Garry’s Mod won’t be for the more sensitive player. That being said, anyone who has been on the internet for the smallest amount of time will be used to the potential vulgarity encountered. If you can truly want an experience similar to the early days of the internet, there is no better game.

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