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Golf It! Is one of those peculiar, yet, charming games. A rare sight for Early Access, made even rarer by the fact that it has been very well received by the public. A quick browse through the reviews on Steam, or a YouTube search, and you’ll see that a metric tonne of people have played this game, and for good reason.

Golf It! As stated by the title, is a golfing game, a mini-golf game to be more precise. It comes with a fairly standard repertoire of courses of varying difficulties that players have to navigate through to sink the hole. Naturally, the more challenging maps have obstacles which come in the static and mobile variety, adding to your increasing frustration.

I’m sure you can imagine, but some of the vanilla maps, let alone the custom ones, are utter bullshit. You not only have to take into account the angle you’re swinging at but the speed as well. The speed is by far the most challenging and infuriating aspect of the game.

Golf It! Space custom

Picture this; the clock is ticking, your swing limit is running out, you have obstacles moving in and out of your way. Then you, a soggy flannel who thinks they’ve mastered their mouse sensitivity pulls back on the mouse then forward. How well do you think it’ll go? Not very well, I assure you. However, this is all a part of the lovable experience which makes it so great with friends.

The real charm of Golf It! Comes from the Steam Workshop, where avid creators have spent countless hours trying to make your group’s experience as random and infuriating as possible. On top of cunning obstacles there are other factors to be considered when creating or playing on a custom map. These usually include thematic experiences, e.g. a Christmas course. Another way is by opting for the more subtle, but devastating, idea of changing the material of the floor.

Changing the floor in Golf It! Is a great way to give a huge “fuck you” to players and friends. Naturally, the easiest way to be a serpent, of this nature, is to make the course out of ice. This small change will have your friends screaming at one another as they slowly slide further than they intended. All that time spent mastering the sensitivity of the mouse is all gone; now you have to overcome a new sensitivity.

Golf It! Winter ice course

It would be an understatement to say that Golf It! Is only really enjoyable with a party of friends. Why, may you ask? Because, well, playing it by yourself will merely result in you cursing yourself as to why you’re so bad at it, and nobody there to laugh at your ineptitude to hit a ball into a hole.

The game may not be suited to every person, nor every friendship but if you have friends who don’t mind losing then you’ll be all set. If you have friends who do get that easily upset, maybe consider something else…like getting them therapy.

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