Stick Fight: The Game

Stick Fight Steam

Stick Fight: The Game, as you may have guessed is another little party game which is great for four friends to have a quick in-out bash of murder. As you can assume by the title of the game it is literally stick figures, like the old days of flash-games, where you have to pummel one another into oblivion.

Sticky Situations

Each stick figure can punch, block, jump and use a surprising amount of versatile weapons from swords to what is commonly referred to as the cum gun. This gun acts as a glue projectile, making it hard to do anything.

Stick Fight is an easy to learn; hard to master affair. Your success is wildly determined by two factors; the ability to control your aim, and having the versatility to avoid obstacles. The latter being a lot harder than seems fit. This all adds to the flavour of successfully winning the quick-fire rounds.

Stick Fight Guns

Friends with Benefits

Yet again, as seems to be a theme among my reviews, Stick Fight is a lot more fun to play with people you know rather than strangers. Typically, because you’ll actually communicate with your friends but also due to that added investment of not being labelled a pathetic loser when you die.


Watch Your Head

There are plenty of useful extremities to assist you in your fight. The environment and the weapons are the foundations of your success. The only problem comes when trying to learn and utilize each. As there is now way to predict what the next map will be there is a hint of luck involved. You’ll notice that occasionally you’ll spawn with a spiked ball swinging into your back. Other times it’ll be lasers frustratingly swooning in on your soon-to-be dead corpse. But hey, it’s all a part of the fun. To not utilize these random moments to your advantage will inevitably bite you in the ass eventually.

Stick Fight Laser

Alongside all these wonderful features, crafted to ensure your party has the lowest chance of survival are the magnanimous amounts of maps. With the game being opened up to the modding community the chances of playing the same map twice is rather low. As the game is fairly shallow overall, with not much content nor a chance to steal hours of your life at a time, it’s a welcome addition to have such a variety of maps.

Stick Fight is ultimately a fun party game, reminiscent of flash games of the past. It’s a cheap, fun smash that doesn’t overstay its welcome or try to be anything that it isn’t.

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